Libyan Rugby Team Meet the champs

Perseverance. Adversity. Triumph. Defeat. We see it all left on the field, as Rugby season is officially upon us.
The Stars are always open to new members of any kind: Young, Old, New and Seasoned alike. No experience is required! New players are welcome at any time in the season.
We are always looking to work with organizations in the Tripoli area to help grow the game of rugby and participate in community development work. we have an on-going relationship with the local Boys and Girls schools.
Let's Try Rugby is a program that Libya rugby has worked with since 2016. The mission of TSRFC is to develop youth rugby players and foster a love for the game which lasts into collegiate rugby and beyond.
If you want to give rugby a try all newcomers ( from age 12 to 50 ) are welcomed to try several practices with the Tripoli Stars at no cost, you only need to bring yourself and a pair of sneakers or cleats , we would love to see you on the pitch!


All awards recognize the player with the highest percentage of overall improvement in all events.


The Club provides the opportunity to learn and develop Rugby skills.

We are very proud of our acceptance of new members and our tight knit family of current and past players as well as their families and friends.  We welcome anyone interested in the sport of rugby to come watch and learn about the sport.  Individuals interested in playing, experienced or not, are also very welcome to come to our practices and games and participate.


We are a competitive rugby club - with our players competing at all levels from local team galas to national team.


Don't miss our latest news and football game reports. We track record of success in training players.

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